Sir william john meets some legends

Sir Thomas John Woodward– Tom Jones has enjoyed a stunning career spanning six decades that has been embellished with a colourful personal life as well as some highs and lows as he navigated the changing trends within the music industry. To achieve this Tom Jones has successfully and consistently produced great music across several genres […]

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Smorgasd health 2017 rewind

Handling food safely is of vital importance to our health. As children it is instilled in us that we must wash our hands after going to the toilet, and also before eating, but it is one of those rules that every generation learns, but is seldom explained in detail. As a living organism we are […]

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Good people Doing good things

Can’t pronounce it? Neither can I, but that doesn’t stop me from shining a light on this good lady. I was thinking 🤔 last night, when I was searching for a subject for today’s good people post, that nearly all the good people I have highlighted thus far have been in the U.S., though in […]

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